Old Player Ranks (2020)
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    Click on PDF and Type Cmd+F / Ctrl+F to search for your UUID/Username

    Link: cursecraft.net/images/cursecraft_oldplayerranks_2020.pdf

    DISCLAIMER: All CurseCraft ranked player records are dated between the year 2012-2015. Most, if not all usernames, were found to be prior to UUID/Name-change update in 2015. UUIDs have been added to the usernames through requests with NameMC with the earliest timestamps. All Usernames with a rank that have been found without a UUID tag has been filtered/removed out of the list. This includes all other errors, duplications, typos, etc.. Each error has been reviewed thoroughly. Usernames not showing up may be due in part to the account UUID/Username being either temporarily or permanently blocked by Mojang or the account holder deleting their account prior to the update leading to the error and showing no account history for that username. This will conclude that those usernames will no longer be on the list and eligible for the Old Rank Redeem/Discount unless proven otherwise. For all concerns or for any special cases send an email to [email protected] or further contact a high ranking staff member (Admin-Owner) on Discord.

    Types of concerns:
    - Your Rank isn’t updated to the correct rank.
    - You deleted your old ranked Minecraft account and want to transfer the rank to a new account UUID.
    - You aren’t on the list even though you previously purchased a rank.
    - You donated for a better rank (E.g. CurseLord) during the new ownership (x_height) and it is not listed here.
    - Someone else has the wrong rank.
    - Someone else is claiming to be you and receiving your rank perks.
    - You previously purchased a rank on a knockoff server and it isn’t listed here. E.g. cursecraft.us, cursecraft.pw, vapourpvp, etc. (All purchases made from these knockoff servers will not be counted.)​

    “Proof Required” + ”(!)” Triggers:
    - Different sets of CurseCraft records have been and will continue to be thoroughly compared and added to this list.
    - To be fair and as transparent as possible, they’ve been added to this record list, but only obtainable if proof is provided.
    - For some players, it is known that you have a rank, but some records have variations on the specific rank level.
    - “(!)” is toward those UUIDs that need to provide proof with the rank level in question.
    - “— (Proof Required)” is the UUID that needs to present proof to obtain their rank status.​

    What is needed to update these records:
    - You need to provide clear proof from either of the following methods:
    1. Provide clear and detailed transaction history on your purchase of the rank.
    2. Provide clear video evidence of you In-Game with your rank (YouTube links only, 2012-2015 timestamps)
    3. Provide any additional valid 2012-2015 documentation showing updates and differences to this record.​

    Punishments for falsifying:
    - Any attempts at misleading staff and players alike through forging materials a/o proof to personally benefit, cause confusion or harm to another will receive a perm ban including all previous ranks and perks banished from CurseCraft.
    - Claiming to be someone else and using their username to receive the discount and perks will be found through linked verifications between the server, website and the CurseCraft Discord bot. There will be discord role verifications for all current players that have received their old rank status manually to verify that they are who they say they are. If found to not be the account holder or refusing to verify your accounts rank, your rank status will be removed.

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